May is ‘bike-to-work’ month where I live. But really, every month can be bike to work month. Getting up early isn’t always easy, but all you have to do is get your butt in the seat and your feet on the pedals.

Each morning I prep my meals and bag for the day while the water boils to make coffee. On the commute in, I cut through the government parking lot down the road to hook up to bike path along the river. It’s beautiful and peaceful.

The morning dew rises with the sun and kisses the world awake, glistening as though a dream. The first glimpse of water winks mornings first light back at you from its rippling surface. The smell of moist sand and dirt mix with the musk of the trees and the lives they shelter. Deep breaths fuel the constant motion as well as refresh the mind.

For me, there are few better ways to start the day. Save some money, get fit, and have fun…bike to work. Totally worth it. 😉

Free Rider