Auckland is a city

I flew to the other side of the world to learn how to trust myself. It’s a tall order, that’s filled simply. By doing.

I arrived in Auckland before the sun touched the sky at the tail end of September. My first impression: Auckland is a city.

IMG_0156 (1)

On the first day, I had to wait until the afternoon to check-in at the hostel. So I stored my bags and headed out to explore.

There’s no better way to get to know a new place than on your own two feet. It forces a pace that creates the space needed to appreciate the intricacies of your surroundings. To smell the roses, as it were.

A park with a protruding hill drew me in.

I knew that New Zealand was a hotbed of volcanic and tectonic activity, but it hadn’t sunk in until I saw the crater atop Mount Eden. The excitement I felt was palpable and it carried me through my fatigue. After I checked in, I slept until the following day. Jet lag. It’s a real struggle.

Day two I headed out for dinner with a friend of a friend from Canada. It was hands down the best Japanese food I’ve had. They were nice enough to take me on some tramps near Piha, the Lion’s Head. That was the introduction to the land of the kiwi I’d been waiting for. Thrashing seas and wild bush!

Adventure in a new land. Truly on my own for the first time. Terrified and thriving.