– P – A – U – S – E –

For a moment there, I had to take a pause. My life had spun in circles of the downward variety, and I needed a moment to pull myself out of a very deep, dark hole. At first, I saw the depths before me as a void. Through much effort, patience, and kindness I began to see a blank canvas upon which to create anew a life I choose.

In summary: not all that is lost was needed in the first place. And often, what is found is a truer version of oneself.

What did I find? Well, a sense of independence and resilience. Not to mention finding my winding, mucky, root-y, rocky path back to the outdoors. The pause was needed to process and embrace change. But that’s just enough about that. The past is beyond reach, and the pieces that matter I carry proudly and openly, because they are now part of who I am.

Here’s hoping you find something in my ramblings to come on being human and doing things (mostly outside)…