New Day, New Human

This time of year, there’s a tendency to come up with resolutions to show ourselves that we are committed to our health and happiness. Quite frankly, I think waiting until January 1 of the Gregorian Conversion of the Julian calendar is rather silly. Don’t get me wrong. New Year’s can be quite fun, but it can also be a load of unnecessary additional stress resulting from an arbitrary social construct that only has the power we give it.

That is to say: every day can an opportunity to show up for ourselves, as well as each other. Some days we need to rest and  do nothing, or pursue experiences and relationships that bring us joy. Other days, we are so full of energy we knock things off our list that have been there for months, if not years. And at some points in our life, just trying to get a good nights sleep and finding ways to access nutritious foods is self-care. Thankfully, one of our incredible abilities as humans is the capacity to adapt to changing environments and needs as we go through life (e.g. You’ve got this!).

So when the lows of life hit, be gentle, be kind, so that when the best that life has to offer comes along, you are 100% ready to embrace it with a full heart.

Screw waiting for the New Year! Your health, security, and happiness are worth investing in right now. New day, new human, I say. Because there’s always a lesson from yesterday that’s worth applying.

Next post will be on intentional living…or outside stuff. A little mystery to keep things interesting!