Hi! I’m Brittany.

I live, work, and play on Coast Sailish Territory in BC, Canada.  I am a human being with white settler ancestry, identify as queer,  use the pronouns [she/her], and am a neurodivergent adult navigating the world with ADHD and healing symptoms of PTS. I had the privilege to study psychology, law, and structural social work. I practice social work from an anti-oppressive, intersectional feminist, and anti-colonial and oppressive perspective. My approach is strengths and solutions focused, and always person-centred. I have been working with individuals and groups with complex needs from diverse walks of life for over 14 years, and 5+ years as a social worker.

Some of the content on this website will include ideas and information on mental health and wellness, growth and transformation, wellness coaching, education, and the great outdoors for your entertainment purposes. In you want to get in touch, head to the contact page and send me a message.

A compassionate life starts from within, and works its way out. When we are our best, we offer our best. And that just makes the whole world a better place. 😘

(Photo by Sandy Walker)

Many thanks for checking out the site! Merci beaucoup!