About Wildlings

Hi! I’m Brittany, and I use the pronouns [she/her].

I’m a social worker with a passion for the outdoors and adventure therapy. Spending time with awesome people in the outdoors and outdoor adventure stokes my fire like no other, and I want to share that joy and opportunity with others. It’s amazing what we find we’re capable of when we try something outside of our comfort zone. 🙂 

Some of the content on this blog will include conservation ethics in the backcountry, outdoor adventure/adventure therapy, and health and wellness.

So you’re aware of what biases I carry, I have an educational background in psychology, law, and structural social work from a western perspective, and identify as a queer, white cis-female from a low-mid socioeconomic background.



But who is Harry, though?

Great question Britt! I’m Harry, and I use the pronouns [he/him].

I’m an Outdoor Educator from the UK, with a decade of experience in providing experiential education. My passion is getting people outside and showing them the world that we live right next door to. You’ll find me on my bike or in a canoe in the summer, or on my ski’s in the winter. My favourite moments are seeing people’s faces react to the little things, the taste of a tree, feeling my bare feet in sphagnum moss, or hearing the forest come back to life after humans break the stillness with our clunky meanderings.

I’m a straight-white-male (who hopefully breaks the stereotype), from a low-mid socioeconomic background. My educational background is a Degree in Outdoor Leadership, which I use every day, (even in retail).


Many thanks for checking out the site! Merci beaucoup!