I’ve always been one to loose myself in the clouds or stars, ever gazing at the infinite sky tickled by an insatiable curiosity and a wild imagination. Thriving on every challenge and embracing each opportunity for growth and learning.

That’s a brief explanation of what drives me to do things, go places, and meet new people. Below, you can find updates on where I’m at and lessons I’ve learned along the way.

UPDATE (20/01/2017): After spending time visiting family, I had to decide where I wanted to build my life now that I’m back in Canada. BC won. Mountains. Ocean. Need I say more?

UPDATE (15/07/2016): Spent a good chunk of 2015/2016 travelling around the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Backpacking, bouldering, white water canoeing, hitch hiking, tramping, and general dirt-bagging/hippie living.

UPDATE (08/08/15): Cycled from Ottawa to Montreal in August 2015 (230+ km). Next stop: road trip to the East Coast!

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Lessons Learned

Here are some of the lessons I’ve gleaned from all the happy little mistakes in hopes that more than one person can get something positive from what could otherwise be not-so-positive experiences.

Lesson #1

Don’t let your fear stop you, let it fuel your desire. I used to suffer from severe generalized anxiety, and what I’ve learnt in working tirelessly to become the person I have always felt I was inside, if we live without limits, we can realize what we are truly capable of.

Lesson #2

If you’re planning a bike tour or trip with other people, make sure that you can depend on them to show up and to treat you with respect and consideration.

Lesson #3

When your touring with others it’s important to communicate and remain flexible. Life  happens! It’s okay to be angry about something, but it’s not okay to stop communicating. That takes the opportunity away from everyone to work through the problem and move forward in a positive way.

Lesson #4

If you have the opportunity to travel alone, take it. What you will learn and how you will grow as a person will be priceless.

Lesson #5

Clear glasses  cycling at dusk or night make cycling at dusk or night more enjoyable than it would be otherwise , unless you enjoy gnats finding peace in the afterlife on your cornea.

Lesson #6

Extended travel is one of the best opportunities to get to know yourself and what you’re truly capable of. If it’s an experience you want, don’t hesitate. Go for it. Life is too short to do anything else.

Lesson #7

Don’t get stuck in expectations or plans. Be open and flexible. Next thing you know, life will be full of unexpected, beautiful moments, people, and places. And if you think you can’t handle figuring it all out on the go, you can.

Lesson # 8

You don’t need to spend tons of money or have the fanciest gear to live a full life or to live the way you want. Used gear, used clothing, hostels, camping, and mindfulness. There’s usually a way to makes things work, it just might not be obvious.

Lesson #9

When you go on your first over night with others, make sure you communicate your experience level, equipment, and abilities clearly.  Already being on the water for your first overnight kayak trip might not be the greatest timing to let your buddy know.