Biking to Montreal 

I arrived in Halifax on August 15 late into the night. Mode of transport: road trip with my brother and nephew. Initially planned mode of transport: bicycle. That didn’t work out as planned…the first or the second one. However, I did make it over 230km to Montreal on a bike that weighed 120 lbs (more than me). 

As a result, I had a consuming haze of inner turmoil topped off with heartbreak to work through. After my ex broke my heart and bailed on biking across Canada (I still don’t know the whole story and likely never will), I threw myself into planning a trip of my own. 

In hindsight, mostly to prove to myself that I can do it. And I can. 

The few days I was on the road were amazing, even with the challenges I faced. The scenes, the people, the food, the laughs, and, spending all day under the sun and night under the stars.

The reality is with as much research and training I did, I still made some common newbie mistakes. Like packing far too much. Oops! 

Lesson learned: if you are planning a visit at your final destination, ship the stuff you’ll need there ahead of you. 

And if you are also a stubborn fool, don’t try to do everything on your own if you’re traveling with others. On the drive here my big brother hit me with: “trusting people is the best mistake you can make. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but most of the time you find good people who make it worth the risk.” Thanks bro. ❤️ 

With that said, always trust yourself. Think of adventure like trying to ascend a mountain. Making an attempt and choosing to turn around if it’s too dangerous is okay. Pack up all your lessons learned and try again another day.

Lesson learned: Having a destination is an important planning step, but don’t get caught up in point A to point B. The adventure is the in-between. Breathe. Take in the sights. Jump in a river naked. Eat all the tasty food. And most importantly, love yourself. 


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